What is Done With My Things That Do Not Sale?

The decision of what happens to any unsold items is purely at your discretion and must be indicated at time of contract signing. Most clients choose to donate leftovers and receive a tax donation receipt, while some ask to have their unsold items left onsite and returned to their possession. Your options will be discussed further during your initial consultation.

Is your Estate Sale / Auction Company Certified and Insured?

Yes, we are fully insured, and are members of ACNA (Antiques and Collectibles Association).

We hold a professional designation with the American Society of Estate Liquidators (ASEL), the Asheford Institute of Antiques, and a Certification for both Appraisals and Auctions through Continental.

What Does the Word Lythcoop Mean?

Lythcoop is an old English word that means "the sale or auction of household goods" and is pronounced [ lĭth ko͞op ]

Will You Provide a Contract or Statement of Services?

Yes, we will provide both. We will go over our contract and answer any questions you may have. At that time, we will go over any additional services/fees that may be applicable to your estate. At the end of the sale we will provide you with a check for your proceeds and a donation tax receipt for items  donated, along with a Statement of Services. If applicable, you will also receive an itemized inventory of all items in your home that are valued  >$25, which includes the list price, and how much each individual item sold for. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Advertising Handled?

We begin by taking many photographs of your items. We will post photos and information about your sale on EstateSales.net, EstateSales.org and EstateSale.com, along with photos and information about your sale here on lythcoop.com. In addition, we send email alerts to our extensive mailing list and advertise via social media. We also place plenty of professional signs in the neighborhood to direct traffic to the location of the sale.


Can I live in the Home while you set-up the estate sale?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept sales in homes that will be occupied during the weeks we need to display, organize, price, setup and conduct your sale. The reason for this; Once we begin setting up tables, bringing in our work crew, company supplies, and start the process of removing items from cupboards, drawers and closets, the home becomes nearly impossible for you to live in comfortably. 

What if There are Items I Would Like to Keep?

We ask that you remove or mark items you wish to keep prior to meeting with us because our agreement to conduct the sale is based on the contents of the estate at the time of agreement. Items removed from the sale after the contract is signed may incur a removal fee of 33% of FMV (Fair Market Value). 

NOTE: Once you have signed the contract, we ask that no items be removed from the sale.  Some customers travel long distances to attend our estate sales, and they expect the items advertised to be available for sale when the doors open. 

How Long Will it Take you to Conduct the Sale From Start to Finish?

This depends on the contents of the home and the size of the job.  We typically run a 2-3 day sale. Ideally, we advise a minimum of 10 days for advertising to generate interest and to promote the sale. We also require a minimum of 7 days to organize, display, research, inventory and price the items.

Some homes may require additional days to set up and there may be instances where several weeks are required, we can give you a better time-estimation upon seeing the contents and discussing your particular situation. 

How Much Will it Cost?

It costs absolutely nothing to get the process started.

We charge based on a commission which is taken from the final proceeds of the sale after any applicable fees and state/city sales tax. Fees that may apply to your particular situation will be discussed during your initial consultation

Ask us about our bundled services which can reduce commission percentage, and eliminate fees altogether!

Do you help with home organization and decluttering only?

We specialize in liquidating assets. We don't make money unless you make money. With that said, if you are looking for decluttering and home organization services we have an excellent contact.

Peggy Geisler